Back To School After COVID-19:

A Guide For Parents

When school returns on September 8th, approximately 90% of elementary and high school students are expected to return to school for ‘in-person’ classes on a full-time basis.

Understandably, this presents a significant challenge for all involved and it’s expected that this process will continue to evolve as government and educators respond to the changing nature of the pandemic, as well as the anticipated impact of cold and flu season.

For students, there will be many challenges, with perhaps the first one being the difficult transition of returning to school full-time after a roughly 5.5-month lay-off.

Establishing new routines after having extended time off can be challenging, but there will undoubtedly be many new routines to learn this school year.

Adjusting to wearing a face mask, staying with your cohort, physical distancing, modified breaks,  and the different look and feel of the school, will be just a few of the many changes this school year.

To help with this adjustment, we are offering a free 10-part video series presented by Dr. Suzanne Chomycz to help parents prepare their child or teen for a successful return to school in the fall.   

In this video series, you will learn how to:

  • Help your child or teen establish and adjust to new school routines after an extended layoff
  • Get organized to help promote school success
  • Promote understanding and importance of COVID-19 rules
  • Cope with feelings of anxiety and frustration
  • Promote socializing while also considering COVID-19 rules
  • And much more!