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Our passion to help others inspired us to open a small private practice in our home in 2007.

With only a modest ad in the yellow pages and positive word-of-mouth advertising, our tiny practice rapidly grew, requiring us to relocate to a larger office building within a year.

Through a combination of many factors, including a strong commitment to our values of honesty, integrity, and respect, our passion for excellence, and our warm, down-to-earth style, our practice continued to grow, and we responded by adding more professionals, more support staff, and more and more offices!

Ten years later, we have achieved our dream of helping people in our community (and throughout the region) to overcome their difficulties and live happier lives, through the development of a modern, professional, full service psychology clinic!

~Jennifer & Trevor Sullivan

Our clinical team is committed to excellence in the provision of assessment and therapy/counselling services, while our support team works tirelessly to ensure everything runs seamlessly both on the front lines and behind the scenes... together fulfilling our mission of providing an exceptional client experience.

Meet Our Team

Over 10,000

Clients Served

Since 2007, we have been committed to helping our clients answer important clinical questions through psychological assessments, create change with psychotherapy/counselling and learn about different psychological topics with our psychoeducational workshops. Whatever your goal might be, we want to help you achieve the results you want!

Let Us Show You Around

17 Master + Doctoral Level Clinicians

All clinicians at Sullivan + Associates have earned graduate degrees in clinical psychology, counselling psychology, and/or social work and are members in good standing with a regulatory college. Due to the diversity and experience of our therapists, we provide treatment to individuals of all ages and for a wide array of problem types. Moreover, our Psychologists and Psychological Associates have many years of experience conducting various types of psychological assessments for a broad range of issues (e.g., Learning Disabilities, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Adjustment Disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, mood and anxiety disorders, etc.).

Psychotherapy + Counselling:

Efficient, Goal-Oriented, Collaborative, Evidence-Based

In Canada, 1 in 5 people will experience a challenge with a mental health issue. Psychotherapy/ counselling is often an effective way to address such difficulties, as well as to make important changes to improve quality of life. Our philosophy is that, in most circumstances, treatment should be efficient, goal-oriented, collaborative, and have demonstrated effectiveness based on sound scientific evidence.

Quick 1st Appointment

We believe timely access to psychological services is important. Therefore, we strive to schedule first appointments as quickly as possible (and to provide timely subsequent appointments). We have honoured this commitment over the past 10 years by consistently hiring new clinical and support staff in order to keep up with the demand for services, and will continue to do so in order to meet the needs of our community.

Psychological Assessments

Answering Important Questions

We provide psychological assessments for a wide range of problem types. The most common assessment types within our clinic are psychological (e.g., anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress, adjustment issues, chronic pain), developmental (e.g., intellectual disorders, autism spectrum disorder, behavioural issues), and psychoeducational (e.g., learning disabilities, attentional disorders).

Our systematized process aims to make the assessment process enjoyable and stress-free. Katie, our Assessment Intake Specialist, is available to answer all assessment-related questions and will assist in determining if an assessment is right for you. Once an assessment is scheduled, Sai, our Assessment Coordinator, oversees the entire process, making sure it is running smoothly and that nothing is overlooked. Our assessors, Robbie Goddard, Shawn Carney, and Dr.’s Sullivan, Netley, and Chomycz make every effort to ensure the process is pleasant, comfortable, and positive, and that the results are presented in a useful, respectful, and strengths-based manner.

Our Promise To You

We are fully committed to providing the best service possible and we believe very strongly in finding the correct clinician for each of our clients. After the first session, if there is not an optimal connection with your clinician or the session did not fully meet your needs, we will transfer you to a new clinician and the first appointment will be free of charge.

Health Benefits

+ Other Coverage

In Canada, there is a significant demand for, and cost associated with, mental health services. Currently, the Canadian government spends $51 billion per year in mental health funding; yet, assessment and psychotherapy/counselling services continue to be underfunded and long wait lists persist. We recognize that cost can be a barrier to psychological services and do our best to help identify funding sources that may be available for coverage.